Scottish Wind Ensemble



"Absolutely brilliant. The programme was very well balanced...the musicians played superbly, both as individuals, but most importantly in terms of balance and togetherness. The way they controlled the changes of tempo [unconducted] was quite extraordinary" (Audience Member, Oct 2012)



"What a fantastically full sound to experience at an intimate evening recital" (HCS Committee Member, Oct 2012)



“The Scottish Wind Ensemble is one of a kind. Yes, we hear the occasional “one off” performance of Mozart’s Gran Partita or Beethoven’s Wind Octet but we are never given the luxury of being able to hear such repertoire on a regular basis. It is clear that the musicians I saw tonight are dedicated to making that happen and I am glad that they are finally filling the gap” (Audience Member, Oct 2012)



"...whole line of enthusiastic audience members. As a percentage: more than I've ever seen, and I can only add my voice to theirs. The sound you collectively produced was so balanced, so beautifully projected, delicately shaped and so 'as one'...And the people were so drawn in! None of the usual fidgeting, programme rustling, phone checking, sweet-wrapper crackling, coughing - nothing...simply not distractible because of what went on on stage." (BSM Chairman, July 2013)




"As we huddled in the gardens beneath Edinburgh Castle on an Autumnal night, a million fireworks danced in the sky declaring that the Edinburgh International Festival 2013 was, well and truly over. As I sat, I reflected on, what was for me, the highlight of a fabulous three weeks of music. One concert came to mind: an intimate, totally wonderful afternoon, with the highest level of ensemble playing executed exquisitely by The Scottish Wind Ensemble in the challenging acoustics of the Royal Over-Seas League House. This ensemble comprises top young professional players, resident in Scotland, with a passion for chamber music. Their programme was perfectly balanced, and demonstrated the talents of all the players perfectly: Gounod’s wonderfully sumptuous ‘Petite Symphonie in Bb’ was the starter in this musical feast, dripping with rich timbres and luscious harmonies; this was followed by a fabulous arrangement of Petite Suite, the players interpreting Debussy’s luminous and mercurial miniature tone-poems with perfect grace and fluidity. In contrast, the ensemble then played Mozart’s most elegant ‘Serenade No.12 in C minor’, with excellent poise and control; the demands of the formal Classical textures being handled sensitively and stylishly. Finally, The Scottish Wind Ensemble presented their own firework display, in the shape of the ‘Nine Characterisitic Pieces’ by Francaix. Here, the virtuosity of every member of the ensemble was displayed in a joyful explosion, featuring a fantastic command of wind timbral colours alongside dazzling technique. Here’s to the next Edinburgh international Festival, with our very own world-class ensemble, The Scottish Wind Ensemble, playing where they belong: in the Queen’s Hall." (ROSL Audience Member, August 2013)