Scottish Wind Ensemble



A shared passion for larger chamber music works, the Scottish Wind Ensemble first performed together during the summer of 2011 when they appeared in Glasgow’s West End Festival as part of the Cottier Chamber Music Project. Officially founded in October 2012, they have since expanded and have performed in many exciting venues across Scotland including The Royal Over-Seas League House in Edinburgh during the renowned Edinburgh International Festival 2013.


Made up of award winning graduates from all of the UK’s leading conservatoires, the Scottish Wind Ensemble enjoys performing a wide variety of repertoire written for eight to thirteen wind instruments, some of it at the core of chamber music, but so much of it neglected and yet to be explored. They perform in a variety of line ups and the addition of doubling instruments including the contrabassoon, the cor anglais, the basset horn and the piccolo makes for some very interesting programming.


Reliant on interaction and interpretation, the Scottish Wind Ensemble never performs with a conductor.

Rather, a famous quote - " chamber music is the music of friends"- will always be at the heart of their performances.